New Solution Partner in North America

BluEpyc  proudly announces the new partnership with Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS), a leading provider of user configurable, mobile data collection software, barcode systems, RFID software and now also BLE.

Solution partner PTS - USA

Through its market leading applications, TracerPlus and ClearStream RFID, PTS provides RFID/ BLE and mobile solutions for any kind of organization, any type of system and any budget, with over 8,000 active customers.

Thanks to this partnership, BluEpyc adds to its hardware architectures an important component in the data chain, the software, and simplifies the data collection process: PTS solutions require no programming experience, enabling users of any ability to create enterprise class RFID/BLE and mobile applications in minutes.
Organizations that utilize PTS solutions add huge efficiencies to their IT staff by shortening application development cycle time and cutting costs.

BLE solution supported by Clearstream

PTS is based in New York state and is currently selling BluEpyc’s devices on its corporate web site, building also a support on Clearstream, the software developed by PTS, that can be set up in minutes to track asset tags/Beacons and inventory tags/Beacons anytime, anywhere.

«PTS is excited to offer BluEpyc Gateways and Beacons, supported by our ClearStream 5.0 release. Coupled with BluEpyc BLE hardware, Clearstream enables programmers and non-programmers alike to create powerful RTLS systems at fraction of the cost of a traditional RTLS system. It also supports UHF, HF and LF RFID, which gives customers a single solution for connecting RFID and BLE data into virtually any software system or database.»

Brad Horn, CEO  of PTS