The BluEpyc approach to BLE comes from a deep knowledge and habit of use of the RFID/NFC Technology, taking into account all the “old” benefits related to its use as the anti-collision feature (possibility to detect an high number of tags at the same time even if not in line of sight).

To make a decision about the ideal technology to use, in the initial phases  of a project  also an accurate cost evaluation has to be taken into account: where an high number of disposable tags is required, RFID Technology used in UHF band is ideal from both traceability, cost and performances point of view.

There are not tight rules, but it is all about considering every aspect of every case.

If the main requirements are instead high distance readings (i.e. 100 meters) and the monitoring of valuables or people, Bluetooth Low Energy is instead a better alternative to RFID: thanks to the easier installation of BLE devices, its native presence on smartphone and tablet and not expensive solutions, BLE could be considered in many applications.

The NFC Technology (Near Field Communication), which works in the HF band (13,56 MHz), is used with the same BLE aim: by putting smartphone close to the NFC Tag (few centimeters), the user can receive information and multimedia services from it.

BLE Technology wants to overtake this limit and exclude the user voluntary action.

As said in fact, BLE devices (fixed or mobile) can automatically receive messages and data even meters away from the BLE Beacon Tag and does not require any voluntary action to the user.

Being born for proximity marketing purposes, the typical BLE structure is composed by Beacons (Broadcaster) installed in fixed position, which send data (advertising) and when a receiver (Observer) as smartphone is in the same covered area, it receives notifications.

Compared to the traditional vision, BluEpyc BLE devices are set up to work with a “reverse concept” in order to realize in an easy way and with reduced costs an active RFID System for automatic identification and localization of item and people.

BluEpyc devices allow a fast installation and an user-friendly configuration, by adopting all the main advantages of this new technology.

In our Unconventional view, BLE devices work with a specular logic compared to the traditional one: people and items to monitor are linked to mobile Beacons, while BLE Gateways/Readers are installed in fixed position in the surrounding area, in order to detect the movement of the Beacons and keep the related area monitored in a system active RFID-like.

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