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BluEpyc BLE Beacon Activator

Beacon Activator generates an accurate area to wake-up the Beacons in deep sleep mode.

  • BluEpyc Beacon Activator generates an accurate “Wake-up area” (encoded LF field) of the Beacon Wake-Up. Activation area (3D bubble): 0.6-3.5 mtr. radius.

  • When the BluEpyc Beacon Wake-up enters the activation zone (accuracy 5/10 cm.), it transmits an Advertising with the code of the Beacon Activator that woke it up.

  • Special BluEpyc Beacon Wake-up (attached to person/item) usually in deep-sleep (battery life up to 4/5 years).

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  • BluEpyc Beacon Activator
  • Bluetooth Beacon Activator Wake-Up System - Function
  • Bluetooth Sensor Beacon Activator Wake-Up System
  • Bluetooth Stand-Alone system for safety
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The new BluEpyc Beacon Activator Wake-up System is an evolutionary step aimed to improve the capability of Bluetooth in the indoor localization of people and assets.


  • Beacon Activator generates a trigger sphere of variable radius with an area identification code and high threshold accuracy.

  • It can create a gate which allows people and objects identification, including transit directions.

  • Possibility of stand-alone solutions (Advanced Edition).

  • Easy to install and configure. Only requires mains power. Protection rating suitable for outdoor use.

  • BluEpyc Beacon Activator is available in two models: Standard & Advanced Edition.

  • Responsive to specific application: the possibility of custom on-board applications (special firmware) allows to adapt the device to specific and custom uses.

  • Some application scenarios: Location Based Services, safety of warehouse operators, production management and traceability, precision access control, application in the health sector, etc…

Want to experience this innovative & powerful Beacon Activator System?

Our Starter Kit helps you know it better; the kit contains Beacon Wake-up,  Beacon Activator Advanced, Library, SDK, Drivers & Sample Apps.

BluEpyc Beacon Wake-up & sensorBluEpyc Beacon Activator
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Activator ID Identification Number of Beacon Activator (transmitted by the Beacon awakened). Range: from 0 to 4095.

Default: 0

Tx Power Transmission power used by Beacon Activator to generate LF electro-magnetic field.

The larger the value used, the more intense the EM field will be and consequently bigger the bubble generated.

(Adjustable threshold radius: 70-350 cm.)

Power Range: from 1 to 100.

Default: 50

Tx Period Establish the period used to generate EM field.

A period of 0 means continuous transmission of electro-magnetic field.

Range: 0 to 5000 msec.
Tx Type Transmission LF electro-magnetic field active or disabled. 0 – transmission disabled

2 – transmission enabled

The parameters can be configured with a PC through a USB port or with the Android App supplied (Advanced version only).

In addition to the Standard Edition:

  • Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 module with EchoBeacon functionality (see link for details):
    EchoBeacon receives Beacon’s data then re-transmit the collected data to the BLE Gateway, distance up to 200 mt.
  • N. 2 on board relays (Location Based Services, access control, etc.).
  • Possibility of stand alone operation (local processing, white list, etc.) & possibility of custom firmware.
  • Adjustable parameters through BLE service & mobile APP (included): All Activator parameter, EchoBeacon ID, Reading Time, Transmission Time, Watch Dog Time, filtering parameter (adv mask & RSSI), Transmission Power (16 step), output relé.
  • On Board Beacon ID white & black list (up to 180 Beacon UID) for conditional parametric action (adv transmission & output activation), useful for stand alone application (e.g. access control, alarms, hospital safety, etc…).
  • Feature: EchoBeacon ID (2 byte); anti-collision (multi Beacons reading with buffer); read Beacons Advertising & RSSI; BLE notification; filtering on beacons mask & RSSI Level, output relé on beacon presence.

BluEpyc BLE EchoBeacon Repeater DataFlow

BluEpyc BLE EchoBeacon Repeater DataFlow

Power supply 11-26 Volt DC (not included)
Case ABS (UL 94 HB) Outdoor Case Wall & Ceiling Mount. Class Protection: IP66.

Dimensions: 140 x 110 x 60 mm.

Temperature range Operation: -25° C up to 75° C  –  Storage: -25° C up to 85° C

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