In BluEpyc R&D Department, we develop and create our BluEpyc products autonomously.

In addition to this, through our services, we are able and willing to help you in the development of YOUR new and advanced device.

Below the main steps we follow to realize your product, satisfying your requirements, optimizing the Time to Market and reducing the production costs.

Technical and Functional Consultancy
Product Specifications Analysis

During the first phase of the development process, we will gather with you all the information, analyse and study all the needs of your project. A feasibility study is necessary and thanks to our experience, our team is able to propose different solutions to develop your wireless device.
A deep study of the specification and a preliminary choice for flexible and doable solutions will avoid iterative design cycles, money and time wasting and therefore, will optimize the whole development process.

Once the best solution has been chosen, the production process can start.

PCB Design – prototypes and final pcb realization

Datasheets Analysis, certified components and material selection (based on your requirements), and Electrical schematic Design are the main activities in this phase. According to your needs, we can realize fast prototypes to put under test.

If you are satisfied with the prototype test result, we can go on with the final production.

Would you like to change/improve something? That’s okay, we will make the modification required in order to realize the final product.

Firmware Development

One of the most significant benefits of our unconventional vision is that the same PCB project with different firmware can execute different tasks and can be used for different purposes & applications: all this mean to be flexible, smart, optimizing Time to Market, as well as RoI.

In BluEpyc we develop, debug and test your custom firmware, taking into account your specification and requirements.

A powerful and optimized firmware is essential to have real-time data and smart architectures.

Final Product Release

Once both Hardware and Firmware of your product have been developed, tested and produced, we just do not deliver you a new product, but we will deliver you a complete and ready-to-use solution.

Now your device is ready and should you need any help or technical assistance, our BluEpyc team is willing to assist you!

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