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BluEpyc BLE Beacon R.4 for social distancing with buzzer & vibration proximity warning.

When another beacon is detected in the proximity area (1 to 2 meters), the beacon can: emit light signals (blinking LED), activate buzzer & vibration feedback, send a special “proximity alarm” advertising packet, store into beacon memory the Mac Address of the beacons detected in the proximity area (contact tracing)..

  • BluEpyc BLE Disk Beacon R4 proximity alarm for social distancing
  • BluEye Demo Kit Bluetooth LE BluEye solution device for social distancing
  • COVID-19 - BluEye Solution for social distancing in Industry by BluEpyc
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BluEpyc BLE Beacon  – low cost devices to implement real time identification, localization & track position of people & objects wearing Beacons.

Beacons are also available with accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensors.  Small dimensions  and mounting accessories allow easy use in both indoor and outdoor situations.

IoT & Active RFID application. Real Time Location System & Indoor Positioning System (zone method).


  • ON/OFF push button (additional functions: reset, alarm). 2 Led: blue & red.

  • Advertising Interval and Transmission Power (communication distance) can be set via software On the Air (APP, BluEpyc Gateway or BluEpyc EchoBeacon).

  • Transmission distance: up to 120 meters (in open air). Power: 4 different levels can be set via OTA (-23dB, -6dB, 0dB, 4dB)

  • BLE Disk Beacon is able to manage the different advertising modes: standard BLE, Apple iBeacon, Google Eddystone or custom advertising on request.

  • Protection rating suitable for outdoor use (IP 65 with silicone accessory). Replaceable battery. Battery life up to 1 year.

  • Some application scenarios: vehicle & people access control (also stand alone), home & building management , safety (hospital, construction site, etc…), process automation, asset & facility management, smart city (parking, leisure & tourism, etc…)

  • Printed label with Mac Address (QR Code and in clear) and Friendy Name (for association and coding).scenarios

BluEye anti COVID Solution

BluEye Demo Kit – Stand Alone BLE EchoBeacon for people assemblies zone alarm.


Only takes a few seconds!

Operating frequency 2,4 GHz. IEEE Standard: 802.15.1 (Bluetooth 4.x Low Energy). Bluetooth integrated antenna.
Accurate digital RSSI.
Chip IC Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832
Transmission Transmission distance: up to 100 meters. Transmission Power: 4 different levels can be set
Transmission interval can be set via software OTA (from 100 msec. to 10 sec. in step of 100ms)
Sensors Accelerometer sensor. G-Sensor: ST Microelecronics mod. LIS3DH
O.S. Supported Operating System Supported IOS and Android. iBeacon or Eddystone standard
Power supply Rechargeable & replaceable battery: LIR 2077 (3,6 V – 180 mAh). Battery Life: 12 months based on broadcasting rate 1 sec. @ 0dB RF power
Input/Output Led bi-color (Red & Green) for status indication. Buttons for On/Off.
Case Size: 39 mm diameter, 15 mm thickness. Material: Black Polycarbonate.
Temperature range Operation: -25° C up to 75° C  –  Storage: -25° C up to 85° C
Delivery format Singulated. Printed label with Mac Address (QR Code and in clear) and Friendy Name (for association and coding).
Customization Different colors available. Customizable with color printing of logo
Standard Firmware Different advertising modes: Apple iBeacon, Google Eddystone or custom advertising on request.
  • Anti Covid Bluetooth Social Distancing
  • Access control (vehicle & person)
  • Home Automation & Building Management (hospitality, company etc.)
  • Process Automation & Monitoring. Maintenance
  • Safety (e.g. in hospital, construction site)
  • Asset & Facility Management: traceability, positioning, monitoring, sensor management (asset & people)
  • Smart City: transportation, ticketing, waste management, citizen service, parking
  • Tourism and Leisure: museum, exhibition, village & resort, amusement park etc.

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