How to tell the story of the data in the

new complex IoT age?

Expo, conference and live experience by BluEpyc will show the protagonist of data-economy, starting from the genesis of data with BLE and RFID technologies, and, thanks to the Partner Keplero, giving an answer to the challenges of IoT.

BluEpyc BlueTooth Low Energy Device 2018

BluEpyc renews the sponsorship at IOTHINGS (Milan, 10-11 April 2018):
in the evocative location of Palazzo del Ghiaccio (Ice Palace), we will stage the state-of-the-art of Bluetooth Low Energy, with some preview of new devices inspired by an unconventional view and use of this new wireless technology.
At our side,  RFID Global, the other Business Unit of Softwork Group, will be present with its RFID and NFC technologies.

BluEpyc at IOTHINGS (Milan, 10-11 April 2018)

Exhibition, lecture speech in the “Digital Transformation in the Enterprise” session and technological set-up in the Live Experience Area of the building are the paths designed by BluEpyc to set the entire cycle of data, from birth to use, in the current IoT context.

Will be shown to the public the story of the data, that starts in different market sectors, interlaces with other data supply chain protagonists (from project partners to final users), with different formats.

In particular, the exhibition area presents the new systems Bluetooth Low Energy based, for the identification, traceability and localization (IPS – Indoor Positioning System) of items and people: stand and live experience will create the scenography of the entire BluEpyc technological proposal, starting from the Tag/Beacon designed and created ad hoc (including KeyBeacon for a Building Automation solution), to the EchoBeacon (with the new USB version of this device), the BLE signal repeater designed to create a granular data collection network (indoor micro-location), and Reader/Gateway.

Looking 4.0 - BLE and IoT game at IoThings Milan

A preview of success stories (factory asset tracking and automatic access control of people on board of vehicles in transit through gate) and the game Looking 4.0, a kind of treasure hunt that involves the public with the live use of BLE and IoT, complete our contribution to IOTHINGS.

BluEpyc will also talk about this unconventional way of thinking, designing and creating smart IoT architecture for data capture on the conference Digital Transformation in the Enterprises, scheduled on 10th April.

Visit us @ IOTHINGS and enjoy Bluetooth Low Energy!!!