BluEpyc simplifies BLE projects with Bluetooth Starter Kit

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BluEpyc Bluetooth Starter Kit – BLE Cloud Gateway, BLE EchoBeacons, Beacons, Library, SDK, Drivers & Sample Apps.

Devices to implement real time identification, localization & track position of people & objects wearing Beacons.

With BluEpyc BLE Starter Kit you will be able to implement new projects in the field of Smart Industry – Powering the Industrial IoT.

IoT & Active RFID application. Real Time Location System & Indoor Positioning System (zone method).

For our Bluetooth Device we use the state-of-the-art of wireless technologies for data tracking and analysis to develop and apply our original and unconventional idea of Interconnection & IoT.

BluEpyc family of Bluetooth devices, designed and produced by us, is composed by Gateways, EchoBeacons and Beacons available in different housing, each one with specific technical features and ideal performances for different scenarios

BluEpyc Bluetooth Starter Kit

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