The unconventional way to implement Bluetooth Low Energy technology is one of BluEpyc’s most distinctive features: it’s a view, an approach coming from a 20-year-old experience in the RFID field.

Usually, a BLE project is based on fixed Beacon (e.g. attached to the shelf in a store), while the smart device (smart phone equipped with an app) is mobile, it gathers and processes all the data.

Unconventional BLE Device by BluEpyc

BLE Device by BluEpyc

Compared with such architecture, our BLE system has a reverse configuration, inspired by an active RFID frame: Beacon works like a Tag and is fixed to moving objects or people, while the smart core of this system (Gateway or EchoBeacon) is stationary.

By adopting such point of view, you can so bring the BLE technology from a consumer world (B2C) to a business one (B2B), opening new frontiers to identification, traceability and localization of people and objects and automatically enabling relevant services: mobile hospitality and engagement in the leisure scenario, process automation and logistic in the industry sector, location-based services and events (e.g. alarms, opening of doors) for security purposes in healthcare or construction site are just some examples of this unconventional method of Bluetooth Low Energy, made easier by the new BLE mesh networking!

Last but not least, Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity technology based on a worldwide standard, meeting so the 1st need of an IoT ecosystem: interoperability!