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BluEye solution for BLE social distancing – Starter Kits

BluEye solution for BLE social distancing: under the term social distancing there are 3 different ways to contain the spread of the virus, which are matched by different responses from technology, with the common goal of preventing infection or limiting its impact.

  • Covid-19 Social Distancing with BluEpyc Stand Alone BLE EchoBeacon for people assemblies Zone Alarm
  • BluEye BLE Solution for social distancing - EchoBeacon people assemblies Zone Alarm
  • BluEye Demo Kit Bluetooth LE BluEye solution device for social distancing
  • BluEpyc Stand Alone BLE Starter Kit for people assemblies Zone Alarm
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BluEpyc has always developed its Real Time Locating System solutions based on the Zones concept by using the EchoBeacon device: in particular, the architecture is composed by Beacons associated with people and/or objects, by EchoBeacons, each one assigned to monitor a defined area, forwarding the Beacon data to the BLE Gateways which collect all this data, and send it to the server.


BluEpyc BLE Starter Kit – BluEye Solution for BLE social distancing. Stand Alone Indoor Assemblies & Proximity Warning

To test, simplify and speed up the development of unconventional BLE projects.

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  • On our ftp site you can download SDK and tools to quickly begin using Starter Kit.
  • BLE Starter kit can only be purchased once.

For technical features of the devices see: BluEpyc BLE booklet

Qu.ty Product_Code Description
1 BE-EB5-SE BluEpyc BLE EchoBeacon Repeater Plus R5 Industrial IP 66 with I/O – BluEye Special Edition for Social Distancing, also stand alone with optical/acoustic alarms.
All EchoBeacon feature plus special firmware for social distancing – BluEye solution:
Indoor Assemblies: timeframe and the number of Beacons (people) allowed to be in the area in the same time; if these parameters are exceeded, the relay connected to an optical/acoustic alarm is activated in real-time and special BLE Assembly advertising is sent.
Proximity alarm: when EchoBeacon receives from Beacons ADV of too much proximity, then it triggers an optical/acoustic alarm in real-time and special BLE Proximity Alarm advertising is sent.
10 BE-DSK2-A-BLE Disk Beacon Tag Bluetooth Low Energy R.2 with accelerometer sensor – waterproof with seal, push button – 31 mm diameter
5 BE-KF-ACC Silicone Keyfob Accessory for Disk Beacons. 45x35mm
5 BE-WS-ACC Silicone Wristband Accessory for Disk Beacons. Length: 235 mm

BluEye anti COVID Solution

BluEye Demo Kit – Stand Alone BLE EchoBeacon for people assemblies zone alarm.


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The BluEye EchoBeacon special edition is now able to interact with contact tracing apps in different countries, including Immuni in Italy: specifically, the device intercepts and manages the Exposure Notification Service, the digital contact tracing protocol standardized by Bluetooth SIG and made available by Google and Apple agreement.
So the EchoBeacon works with all national Apps based on this technology and is, therefore, able to detect Beacons, smartphones contact tracing apps.

This feature doesn’t interfere with government contact tracing apps and operates in a completely anonymous way in respect of privacy, opening new scenarios for assembly control in tourism, transport and retail.