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BluEpyc simplifies projects with Bluetooth Starter Kit

BluEpyc has always developed its Real Time Locating System solutions based on the Zones concept by using the EchoBeacon device: in particular, the architecture is composed by Beacons associated with people and/or objects, by EchoBeacons, each one assigned to monitor a defined area, forwarding the Beacon data to the BLE Gateways which collect all this data, and send it to the server.

BLE Asset Solution - indoor automatically detecting item


BluEpyc BLE Starter Kit Indoor version – RTLS Projects

To test, simplify and speed up the development of unconventional BLE projects.

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  • On our ftp site you can download SDK and tools to quickly begin using Starter Kit.
  • BLE Starter kit can only be purchased once.

For technical features of the devices see: BluEpyc BLE booklet

Qu.ty Product_Code Description
1 BE-BLEG-WE5 BluEpyc BLE Smart Gateway Wall Mount – indoor version

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3 BE-EB3-W BluEpyc BLE EchoBeacon Repeater R3 Wall Mount with I/O – indoor version

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5 BE-DSK2-A-BLE Disk Beacon Tag Bluetooth Low Energy R.2 with accelerometer sensor – waterproof with seal, push button – 31 mm diameter
1 BE-KF-ACC Silicone Protection Case Accessory for Disk Beacons. 35mm diameter
1 BE-KF-ACC Silicone Keyfob Accessory for Disk Beacons. 45x35mm
1 BE-WS-ACC Silicone Wristband Accessory for Disk Beacons. Length: 235 mm

BluEpyc BLE Start Kit

BluEpyc simplifies Bluetooth Low Energy RTLS projects with Starter Kit

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