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  • BluEpyc BLE EchoBeacon Repeater R3 Industrial IP 66 with I/O.
  • Produtcs BluEpyc BLE DataFlow: from Beacon to Gateway through EchoBeacon Repeater
  • BluEpyc BLE Family Devices 2018
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BluEpyc Bluetooth Low Energy EchoBeacon with I/O is a small and inexpensive device that allows identification and localization of people or objects with beacon tags in limited areas.

Tag Beacons linked to person/item transmit  the data with limited power & energy consumption.

EchoBeacon receives Beacon’s data (monitoring area based on Beacons power transmission).

EchoBeacons re-transimt the collected Beacon’s data to the BLE Gateway, distance up to 100 mt.


  • Unplug connection. Desktop, ceiling & wall mount easy installation (*).

  • Responsive: customizable firmware, memory for associated beacons, adjustable parameters, etc…

  • Interactive: integrated relè & led, integrated digital inputs, UART interface (*)

  • Low cost device to implement micro localization & track position of people & objects wearing Beacons.

  • IoT & Active RFID application. Real Time Location System & Indoor Positioning System (zone method).

  • Some application scenarios: vehicle & people access control (also stand alone), home & building management , safety (hospital, construction site, etc…), process automation, asset & facility management, smart city (parking, leisure & tourism, etc…)

(*)   Depending on model

Small, Medium and Large BluEpyc BLE Starter KitsBluEpyc BLE Starter Kit 2018
BluEpyc BLE Starter Kits

BluEpyc BLE Starter Kits simplifies BLE projects with Small, Medium and Large Kits: BLE Gateway, EchoBeacons, Beacons, Library, SDK, Drivers & Sample Apps.

Low cost & unplug device to implement micro localization & change of position of people & objects equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons. EchoBeacon receives Beacon’s data linked to person/item and re-transmit the collected data to the BLE Gateway, distance up to 100 mt.

Responsive to specific application needs: customizable firmware, memory for associated beacons, adjustable parameters.

  • Operation Frequency: 2,4 GHz. IEEE Standard: 802.15.1 (Bluetooth 4.x Low Energy). Bluetooth integrated antenna.
  • Reading range: depends on the beacon’s transmission power and on RSSI filtering.
  • Transmission Range: up to 100 meters (depending on environment & configuration).
  • Input: 3 x Digital Input. Output: 2 x output relè, 3 x Leds. Internal UART interface (*)
  • Possibility of custom applications on-board (on request)

BluEpyc BLE EchoBeacon Repeater DataFlow

BluEpyc BLE EchoBeacon Repeater DataFlow

Standard Firmware EchoBeacon ID (2 byte); on-board beacon ID white list, anti-collision beacons reading (number depends on environment and configuration); read Beacons Advertising & RSSI; BLE notification; filtering on beacons mask, white list & RSSI Level; output relé on beacon presence (according to setup).

Possibility of custom applications (on request)

Adjustable parameters Through BLE service & mobile APP:

EchoBeacon ID, Reading Time, Transmission Time, Watch Dog Time, filtering parameter (adv mask & RSSI), beacon white list, transmission Power (16 step), output relé (Depending on model)


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